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Funding For Fashion: ACUW Fashion Show

Funding For Fashion: ACUW Fashion Show

How to give back in such a stylish way?

Fashion designer, Anne Namba is helping college students with her beautiful talent. The lovely fashion designer decided to have her fashion line feature in ACUW’s eighty-sixth anniversary and fashion show. The organization is raising funds for scholarships for college students. ACUW is also raising fund for their community outreach as well. Everyone is getting prepared for this year’s anniversary.


Associated Chinese University Women was created on February 1931. It was founded by Elise Ting and Elizabeth Lam Leong. When the club was first created, it was called Associated Chinese University Women, Inc. Elise Ting, Eliza Lam Leong, and eight of their college classmates would meet up once a month to socialize and do community service. Throughout the years, Associated Chinese University Women, Inc. grew bigger within their membership from other colleges. The club would raise money for the China Fund and would tutor children. They would also help out with the Palamic Clinic by purchasing eyeglasses and false teeth for their patients. The club also had no problem giving out scholarships to college students. On October 1937, the club’s name was changed to “Associated Chinese University Women.” On 1983, the club decided to be a non-profitable organization. Today, Associated Chinese University Women holds over four hundred members that hold professional careers. They still have meetings. They also have special events that teaches Chinese culture, history, art, music, etc. Associated Chinese University Women is a great club full of members that are very well gifted.

Fashion Show

The ACUW Fashion Show is a big fundraiser event that the ACUW members have every year. The fashion show helps with scholarships and community service. During each year at the event, the ACUW funding help out with the Palolo Home. At the Palolo Home, ACUW members would go visit there to bring food, favors made by each member, and amusement. During the fashion show, there would be different vendors hosting food, clothing, jewelry, and makeup. All of these are based on Chinese Culture during the fashion show event. During this year’s fashion show event, it is going to be just as great as the other previous years’ events. If not, even better!


Anne Namba

The Event

ACUW’s eighy-sixth anniversary and fashion show is going to incredible with Anne Namba’s fashion line. Everyone is getting excited to see her line in this year’s fashion show. In Anne Nambas ‘s fashion line, it include kimonos, printed silks, and knits. The anniversary theme is called “With A Song In My Heart.” This year’s fashion show will be taking place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballroom. The event will happening on April 18, 2017. The time of the event will go from eleven in the morning, to one-thirty in the afternoon. At nine in the morning, on the day of the event, there will be a drawing for incredible prizes. This fashion show already sounds like fun!

If anyone wants to go to this amazing event on April 18, 2017, they can either visit http://www.acuwhawaii.org or call 599-4386. The tickets are only seventy-five dollars. This fashion show will be amazing!


Pictures:  (top)  www.khon2.com

(bottom) www.midweek.com

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