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Get in Shape for the Summer

Get in Shape for the Summer

Summer is approaching rapidly especially if you live here in the Charlotte area. Post Memorial Day, it’s really that time when we all enjoy weekends at the pool or at the lake, and trips to the beach. It is definitely exciting to switch jeans, jackets, and boots to shorts, tank tops, and sandals! It’s even more exciting when your body is in a great shape and you can flaunt it in those beautiful summer clothes!

Since we still have some months of spring left, here are some tips and tricks you can start today to get your body in a great shape for the summer

  1. Abs are made in the kitchen  so start by cleaning your diet. Try to start cooking your own meals vs. buying pre-made processed food. Go with white meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, substitute your fries with steamed veggies, rice, or salads, replace chocolate and donuts with low fat yoghurt, dark chocolate and fruits.  Control your portions and perhaps invest in a small kitchen scale until you get used to your daily food intake quantities. Avoid eating as you’re watching TV. You will tend to overeat, i promise!
  2. Make smart substitutions. Substitute salad dressings for olive oil and vinegar/fresh lemon juice. If you still choose to go with your favorite dressing, add it to the side instead of pouring it over your salad. Take your fork and dip it in dressing prior to each bite. That way, you minimize the intake and still taste the flavor. Substitute vegetable oil with coconut or olive oil. Bake your meat instead of frying it. Opt for farm raised/grass-fed/non-GMO/organic products. Go with fresh products vs. frozen/pre-packaged ones. Snack on fruit and veggies instead of chips and candy!
  3. Drink water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Make it fun, add water flavors, or simply a couple of lemon/lime slices. Drink your first glass of water when you first wakeup in the morning on empty stomach. Replace soda with water. It’s tough but so worth it!
  4. Hit the gym. Go out there and work all your muscle groups. Do not focus solely on one muscle group, but on your whole body. Structure your workout days by muscle group: e.g. arms one day, legs one day, back one day, etc. Integrate core and interval training in between weight lifting sets. Start with small weights and lots of reps. Once you become comfortable, add weights and increase the number of sets. Diversify your workout routines. Create that “muscle confusion” whenever possible. Ad at least 5-10 mins of cardio at the beginning and end of your workout. That way you will maximize your heart rate during training and cool down post weight training.
  5. Walk, walk, walk. Since it’s so beautiful outside, go for a walk. Walk your dog in the park, use your lunch break to go outside and move around a little, walk to your favorite coffee shop in the morning, and simply move whenever you get the chance.

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