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Runway 101

Runway 101

Runway 101 with Candice the Model can teach anyone on how to walk the runway professionally like it is no tomorrow. I had the greatest opportunity to witness the joys of a runway experience. While observing Candice the Model showing upcoming models on how to rock the runway, I have learned a lot on my own as well. This class was very informative on what to do, act, and present on a runway. While being in Runway 101 during the entire time, one can actually experience the joys of being a model.
When Runway 101 first got started, Candice the Model had taught the upcoming models the basics of walking the runway. She first taught the female models on how to position themselves on the runway. That a female model must work on a T-shape stand in order to get that right model walk. That they must focus on the arc of their backs. For the male models, it is all about flowing. Candice the Model also taught the models how each have to be confident when walking the runway. That each model must have that idea of owning the stage while walking the runway. While some of the upcoming models were a little bit nervous of having that model walk, Candice the Model worked on them to become more confident within their own skin. While working with the upcoming models’ posture and stand, Candice the Model was able whip them into shape of looking like professional models. After some time, the upcoming models were ready to learn more about rocking the runway.

While learning more about the runway, the upcoming models were getting the hang of being professional models. Candice the Model was teaching each model on how to just allow walking the runway to be natural. While walking the runway, a model must learn to never look down. He or she must learn to not force the walk but, just let it come natural. A model must always keep his or her eyes focused and not wondering everywhere while walking the runway. A model must also allow his or her body to guide them. By going off from all of these tips of walking the runway, the upcoming models was able to kill the runway for one last run through on the runway in Runway 101.

After the runway session, Candice the Model was able to talk more to the upcoming models on how to make it in the modeling industry. She was able to talk to them about never paying for a show. She also talk to them on how to have caution on what brand they are all planning on working with in the near future. Candice the Model also talk to the upcoming models on how to always practice modelling. No matter what, always get in the routine of practicing on walking the runway. She also told them that social media and going to different fashion events are very important when it comes down of being a model. Everyone has to know who a person is in order to want them in their upcoming event. From learning all of these points, the upcoming models were ready to take their new careers in a whole new level.

From being in Runway 101 my own self, I have learned more about the fashion industry as well. This had really taught me that there is more to modeling than just walking the runway and looking cute. I learned that if one wants to be a model, one must want it really badly. Such a great experience!

ariel peake

Ariel Alysse Peake was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on October 22, 1990.I was raised in Union County, South Carolina.I have six brothers and one sister.I am a Christian.I grew up loving everything about fashion because of my grandmother and cousins.My grandmother and cousins are all seamstresses.When I was little, I would be in community fashion shows.I was very interactive when growing up.I was into dancing, piano playing, JROTC, Yearbook Staff, jazz band, Beta Club, and marching band.During my senior year in high school, I became a debutant.In 2005, I graduated from Barbizon Modeling School.In 2008, I graduated with honors in High School.I attending Johnson & Wales University of Charlotte to major in Fashion Merchandising & Retailing.I would later find myself loving to blog.Today, I am currently a manager in retailing and blogging like it is no tomorrow.What I want to accomplish in my blog career is travel around the world visiting boutiques and runways.I would love to see what other types of fashion is there in the world of today.I basically am into anything about the fashion life.I am not close minded and have a tendency to understand others creativity. After finding my calling in blogging, I am still new to the game.I hope to grow stronger and more creative with my wiring and fashion technique.

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