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Targeting The Beckham

Targeting The Beckham

Once again, Target is collaborating with a great celebrity. This time, the great celebrity is no other than the fashionista songstress, Victoria Beckham. Known as Posh Spice in the 90’s, this Spice Girl is showing off her merchandise for this beautiful season. Target have a history of selling great merchandise when it comes down of collaborating with a celebrity or fashion designer. With Victoria Beckham, the store will have no problem selling her merchandise like hot cakes up from now until April 30th.
Let’s Go Ladies…
Victoria Beckham’s fashion line with Target include two hundred pieces. The fashionista songstress’ fashion line is for the wonderful ladies of all ages. Not only does do the ladies can have fun rocking Beckham’s attire, the wonderful children can have fun as well. That is right. Little girls, toddlers, and babies will also love these pieces once wearing them. Based on Beckham’s life as a mother, this fashion line will have no problem being the thing in this spring season. Little girls always look up to their mothers. Mothers always love to dress their daughters just like them. By having the same attire from the same fashion line, mothers and daughters can have fun with Target’s latest celebrity collaboration. This spring season can make a mother-daughter bond magical with this fashion line.
Loving The Size…
There is finally a fashion line that includes plus sizes! Sure, there was Lilly Pulitzer’s fashion line back in 2015. However, her fashion line for plus size was only available online. Victoria Beckham’s fashion line for the plus size will be available in all Target stores and online. This is a very big deal for everyone including Target. Plus size women finally can strut their stuff in such a fashion line. They can also be apart of rocking beautiful floral for the spring season. The sizes for the ladies go from extra small to extra-extra-extra large. The sizes for the children goes from new born to extra large. Every size lady will not only love Victoria Beckham’s fashion line but, will be rocking her line together.  Love those curves!
All About The Prices…
What makes this fashion line so great, is that it is all affordable. The cost of the products are between the price of six dollars and seventy dollars. How incredible is that? Not only is this fashion line affordable, it also look amazing. This whole fashion line looks ten times its worth. It also look like something from a glamorous boutique. With the lovely floral printing and beautiful colors, this fashion line is a total must have. Can everyone say, ‘Easter dress shopping?!?!’ Yea, Victoria Beckham and Target just made life a little bit easier for this year’s Easter. This collection will be great for not just Easter but, for the spring season. These two hundred pieces of merchandise will be so fabulous to have during the spring season.

Once again, Target has collaborated with one of the greatest celebrities ever! Victoria Beckham is not only a great songstress but, a talented fashionista. This spring season just became fabulous with this new fashion line!

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