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We Want Our Curves Back

We Want Our Curves Back

So the new trend of this year are curves. But, there is one little tiny problem. WHERE ARE THE CURVES??? There are models that a supposed to represent curves. However, they are just as skinny as they can be. I am no trying to bash every single skinning lady out there. But, if the fashion world are going to be talking about curves, please show the ladies who are thick and/or have an hour shape body. It is images like this that make not so skinny females feel so ugly about the way she looks. It is images like this that make females go to anorexic or bulimic just because they have to look a certain type of way. I for one, am so tired of it! Bring back our curves!

Image result for fashion icons who have curvesSuper Bowl LI….
When Lady Gaga performed during halftime at Super Bowl LI, others were criticizing the singer’s stomach. What made it worse was that Lady Gaga really did not have a gut for everyone to criticize about. It was just a little pooch. As great of a body that Lady Gaga has, she still got slammed for just having a little pooch of a stomach. It just really boggles the mind. What is really a good body? What is really a beautiful body for the world? How skinny did a female have to be in order to have the perfect body for the world? When looking at images of very skinny women, no one says a word. No one says “that model was a serious problem” or “that model needs to eat a cheeseburger.” Everyone is just happy and accepts the very skinny model. Why is that really?
Fashion Image…
Image may contain: 2 people, people standingWhen I was on Facebook, one of my college friends had posted a picture of a banner that a store had in their store window. It had two females posing with their backs against the viewers. On the right side of the image, there is a saying that that says “Love your curves.” Both of the females obviously do not have any curves. Both of them are just as skinny as they can be. Of course everyone was wondering on what curves that the banner was talking about. Again, not shamming these models on the banner. However, if a company is going to shake up the world, then shake it up with someone with a little meat on the bones. Everyone is not talking about just the ebony side when it comes down to curves. Everyone is talking about ebony, ivory, and any other face that have hips, thighs, and a bust of the size of double D. In other words, add in the ones who does where a size ten and up.

Curves are Beautiful…
When it comes down to real curves, they are beautiful. Talented celebrities such Marilyn Monroe, Queen Latifah, Sherry Shepard, and Amber Riley are all great examples of being curving and beautiful is all about. It is time for everyone girl to love themselves just the way they are. It is time for the fashion image to be shaken up again. It is time for others to know that body shamming is not great. It is time for everyone to see that not everyone is mint to be slim. It is time for everyone to know that being thick in the waist is just as beautiful as being a thin in the waist. World, it is time to embrace the real curves of life!

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