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Good Old Coconut Milk

My face could not be any happier with this brand new cleanser that I have gotten from Ipsy this month. Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser is a total must have for the face. Never would I think that coconut milk cleanser would work so well on my face. This cleanser is so soothing to the skin. It is so relaxing. It is beyond a gift from heaven from above. This coconut milk cleanser will have anyone wanting to cleanse their face in it once trying it for the very first time.

Cleaning the Face…

Once I applied Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser on my face, I was so surprised on how white it turned out on my face. The coconut milk cleanser looked like soap. Thank goodness it was not because soap is bad for the face. While my face was looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost, it felt so free from the pores and makeup foundation that was on it. My face felt so good being in the lovely coconut milk. I felt like I was actually doing my facial skin a great favor. While applying the cleanser on my face, it felt like pure heaven! This cleanser felt so good on my face and I have not even washed it off just yet.

Start Scrubbing…

As soon as I start to scrub the coconut milk cleanser on my face, it start to foam.  The foam of the cleanser collects all the dirt and makeup from my face. When I was scrubbing my face, I had so much fun with the foam.  The foam from Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser felt so refreshing.  In fact, it actually made me want to cleanse my face for a second time.  The foam of the cleanser can encourage anyone to have fun of removing the dirt from the face.  The foam can make anyone feel like a little child inside for wanting to play with foam.  By having foam within the coconut milk cleanser, cleansing the face can be more of reward than a burden.  This foam is beyond wonderful.

Let’s Rinse…

Once I rinse off the foam from my face, the dirt and makeup was removed.  After rinsing my face from Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser, the face is automatically moisturized. This is why this coconut milk cleanser should be in everyone’s bathroom right now.  For a cleanser to cleanse and moisturize the face with just once rinse is so incredible.  This just doubled the fun of cleansing my face.  After rinsing the cleanser off of my face, my face felt so smooth and clean.  My face felt like it can breathe again from removing all the dirt and makeup that was clogging it.  This cleanser is the greatest!  Never do I have to cleanse my face and then moisturize.  Instead, I can do it both at the same time in just one minute.

 Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser is the greatest thing ever!  The cleansing, foam, and moisturizing can make facial cleansing easy and so much fun!  Never would I think that I would love a cleanser so much.  Never would I think that I would actually try coconut milk on my face.  Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser can be pure heaven for everyone!

Swim The Wear

The beautiful summer season is heading this way like it is no tomorrow! Everyone know what that means. It is pool time! It is time to go to the beach or pool to soak the body into some H2O. It is time to chill, relax, and pop up the sunglasses for the beautiful eyes. However, the summer is not perfect without the perfect bikini. But, a lady cannot rock just any plain bikini. A lady must have a bikini with a little bit of flavor in it. A bikini just do not need great designs on it. It needs a different type of style, spunk, and vibe! This summer is going to be sweet with a totally different swimwear with a little more attitude.

Full Piece Wrap…
The one piece swimwear is the piece that covers up everything. It is innocent, clean, and friendly. But, not anyone more with the help of a little wrap. The full piece wrap can be a hint of revealing. A lady can wrap the full piece as tight or as loose as she pleases. The trick about having a wrap with any attire, is that the wrap is much of a tease. This is the complete opposite of what a one piece swimwear would be. With the wrap, the one piece swimwear can break all the barrels that it supposed to be. It can show more of the body than just the legs. It can be more revealing on the body in a tasteful way. However, the swimwear is still innocent, clean, and friendly. But, in a little seductive way. The full piece wrap will be hot to wear for the summer.

Mini Tee…
There is something about a mini tee. To rock a lovely mini crop top with a bikini bottom is so relaxing and enjoyable. While rocking a mini tee, a lady can look so sexy and cute when relaxing at a beach. The lower part of body will be free and happy underneath the hot beautiful sun. The beautiful body will also feel so fresh once getting wet in the nice water of the beach or pool. Once getting the mini tee into some nice sand at the beach, a lady can feel so wonderful and relaxed. The mini tee is the best for the sun, water, and sand.

Crochet and denim are not swimwear material. But, both of these fabrics can still be fun to wear as a bikini. Crochet and denim are so fun to play with when it comes down of creating an attire. They are both fun to wear in any attire. Why not create these two in swimwear. The are both fun in the summer season. They are both water resistant. Why not have fun in these two fabric materials in the pool and beach? Crochet and denim are the favorite fabrics to wear all year long. Why not have fun with them in swimwear? These two fabric materials can be blast for some sun and sand.

These four types of swimwear are just to name some that a lady needs to wear for the summer. This summer needs to be fun and loving. Why not spend it in something hot, fresh, and sweet? Why not take a chance to change a swimwear into something so fabulous? The summer season will be nothing without a little bit of swimwear that has flavor to it.

Pictures:  www.Pinterest.com


Stealing Grandma’s Glasses

When it comes down to glasses, everyone will love to rock them with no problem as an accessory.  Whether the person needs them or not, glasses are the best accessory to wear with a great attire.  But, what about grandma glasses?  Sure, grandma glasses can look ugly.  Sure, they can look tacky.  Sure, even grandma do not want to wear them her own self.  However, grandma glasses are the greatest thing ever to ever rock as an accessory.  These babies can be used as a vintage attire.  They can be used as something to wear for a day-to-day attire.  Grandma glasses are a thing to love as everyday glasses.  These babies are slowing becoming a trend for everyone to wear.  Grandma glasses are becoming fashion do’s instead of fashion don’ts.  Grandma glasses can anyone’s favorite trend to have as his or her own.


Whenever someone could ever think about grandma glasses, they think about the hideous frames.  The frames can be so horrifying.  However, they are what makes the glasses so fabulous to have.  The frames of the grandma glasses can protect the eyes from any sunlight.  They also protect the eyes from any sand, dust, and flies.  What everyone could just love about the frames is that they could give everyone that intelligent look once wearing them.  In fact, a person can feel intelligent once wearing some grandma glasses.  Being smart is sexy and yet fabulous.  Why not try to look sexy and fabulous?  Grandma frames can make the face look cute, wise, and sophisticated once wearing them.  Grandma frames can give others that feeling of wanting to be cute, wise, and sophisticated.  Without the frames, grandma glasses would not be so trendy.

So Vintage…

The thing about having grandma glasses is that they are so easy to rock as an accessory with an attire.  The best attire to wear with grandma glasses are vintage clothing.  These babies have no problem what-so-ever to enhance a vintage style.  Grandma glasses are all about having that good modern look to them.  In fact, they can look make any vintage attire look more classy and unique as ever.  With the grandma glasses,a person can pick any decade to rock out to whenever it comes down of wearing these babies.  As long as the grandma glasses are from that decade, they have no problem making any vintage attire enjoyable to wear.  Grandma glasses go fabulous with a vintage just like as well as pearls.

So Today…

What everyone could love about grandma glasses is that they can be worn with non-vintage clothing.  The best way to wear grandma glasses to always style the hair.  By styling the hair, the glasses can easily fit in place with the rest of the attire.  By styling the hair, any accessory of the face can be more exposed to an attire.  Grandma glasses can be seen more modern than vintage whenever the hair is styled in a great fashionable way.  With grandma glasses and wonderful hair quality, the attire can be worn perfect in place.

Grandma glasses are no longer an embarrassment to all grandmothers everywhere.  In fact, the grandchildren are having no problem of stealing grandma’s glasses.  These glasses are paving the way for all baby bloomers’ accessories to be worn for the millennial and generation Z.  The next thing everyone knows, every baby bloomer accessory will  be the next big thing for fashion everywhere.

Pictures:  www.pinterest.com

Fishing For A Bag

For this summer, is the hottest thing ever! This brand new tote bag will be the thing to get for this upcoming season. To walk in the beautiful hot sun with this brand new bag is so fabulous! Everyone is going crazy over already and it is not even the summer yet. This brand new fisherman’s net bag is the future of all accessories. Ladies, this is the bag to get for the summer in order to have the luxurious vacation.

A Fishing Net…
The fisherman’s net bag did not just started off as a fashion bag that everyone love today. Instead, it started out as a fishing net for fisherman in France of 1855. That is right, French fisherman were happily catching fish like it was no tomorrow with this handbag in the old ages that everyone know of today. However, this French net automatically became a bag for groceries. Today, the ladies are happily using this fishing net as an accessory. This net bag is incredible. It is strong, cute, and stylish. Who would of thought that a French fishing net would make a sensational tote bag for the summer? This tote bag is a total must have!

Get Mixture…
What everyone can love about the fisherman’s net bag is that it can go with some nice summer attires. It can look great with nice earthy colors. It can also look incredible with basic colors. It can also look so amazing in a nice halter top sun dress. A fisherman’s net bag mainly comes in the color black, white, or natural. It is made out of cotton. The thing about this net bag is that a lady can have fun accessorize it with different summer attires for a great relaxation of vacation. That is what accessories are all about. They are about having fun with them when it comes to matching them with an attire. As soon as a lady get a fisherman’s net bag, the fun of clothing can start right away.

Can Afford It…

The fisherman’s net bag is affordable for every lady out there that loves tote bags. This accessory is between five and eighteen dollars. Despite that this net bag is so cheap, it is worth it. It is fun and relaxing. The net bag speaks vacation when looking at it. It can make anyone want to relax and just love everything about the summer. It also speaks strength. This net bag have no problem carrying anything. Whether the item is heavy or light, this net bag can handle it. This fisherman’s net bag will come in handy when it comes to shopping during vacation. Considering that it is so flexible, the net bag has no problem carrying everything in its power. With this net bag, a lady gets more than what she had bargained for.
For this summer, a fisherman’s net bag will be the most glamorous thing ever! With its strength, style, and material, there is no wonder that everyone is going crazy over it. This 1855 French fishing net is today’s hottest tote bag. Make a summer vacation more fun filled with this accessory!

Pictures:  (top) www.laccumulation.com

(middle) https://the line.com

(bottom) www.pixiemarket.com

The Color To Fall For

While everyone is applying sun tan lotion for the skin, it is not too early to get ready for the beautiful fall season. It is not too early to wonder what colors are hot to wear for the next season to come. As usual, there are plenty of dazzling colors that are so trendy. However, everyone should really want to wear this fabulous color. This color is a must have in the closet. It is natural. It is the color that a person can never wrong with. The color that everyone should be wearing is neutral gray. This color will make the fall season look so fabulous!

The Color…
The color neutral gray is beauty itself. The whole color is in between black and white. For this, the color itself is in between being a little bit of a light or dark color. Usually, others use this color as a dark color. With the color neutral gray being more of a dark color, others can enjoy its warmth. Others would have no problem rocking this color as it was the color brown or burgundy. With tis color, it can make others look strong, at peace, and formal. With these three traits representing this color, a person will have no problem loving this color more. Having strength, peace, and a formal look is so enjoying in the fall season. With this three traits, the fall season can be more enjoyable. This color will be wonderful for the fall season.

Blending In…
With this color being in between light and dark colors, this color has no problem mixing with any other color. The color neutral gray can be played with a lot when it comes down to matching different colors with it. By playing to see on what colors look so fabulous with this color, a person can easily make a creative match. Surprisingly, the color neutral gray can look fabulous with colors that a person never knows existed. Neutral gray has that tone to it that can easily go with any color. With it being so neutral, it can never be too little or much when matching with another color. Neutral gray is match maker in heaven.

Creating Beauty…
With the color neutral gray, it can glamorize any color that it matches with. Whatever color matches up with the color neutral gray, the color neutral gray makes that color better. For example, the colors pink and purple looks a whole lot prettier by just matching them up with neutral gray. This color has no problem bringing out the true meaning of any color that it associates with. Despite the color having no problem enhancing other colors, others can still see the beauty of neutral gray. Others can see the true natural of neutral gray. The color has that formal tone that everyone could love with no problem. With the color neutral gray it can a great color alone and with another color.

This fall is going to be great all thanks to this great color! The season is already looking stunning and it have not even come yet. Look out world, the color neutral gray just made the next season fabulous!

Pictures:  www.pantone.com


Kiss Kiss, Good-bye

Looks like retail lovers will be crying for this spring season. They will be kissing one retail store good-bye for this season. As the company’s store become a memory to retailer lovers, the company will still be standing. One of most high class retailing stores are closing by May 31th. Who gets the big exit for 2017? No other than Bebe.

No More Stores…
Bebe is putting an end to their stores. Closing by the end of May, Bebe stores will be leaving a big hole to fill in each mall worldwide. The company decided to close all of their 170 stores in all twenty-one locations including its outlet stores. No more looking classy or sophisticated for the retailing world. No more looking like a diamond for retail lovers. Ever since 1976, Bebe was been that type of fashion that everyone would ever dreamed of. Now, the dream has became a total nightmare for everyone to realize that the store they once loved will be no more. Bebe employees are going to be out of a job while retailing will never be the same. How can retailing bounce back from this when the end of May comes? This is just a horrible twisted sick joke for fashion lovers.

Not So Cute…
For Bebe, retailing has not been doing so well with them in the past years. In fact, things have gotten bad for the company. From the past four years, Bebe has lost $200 million. Over eighty percent of the company’s stock has fell through in the past two years. It seems as though things for the company has not been that hot over the past two to four years. Now, the company is pulling the plug on all its stores. It seems as though one heart break is coming at one end to the other for retailer lovers everywhere. It seems as though each mall worldwide will have to learn on how to survive without Bebe. Retailing will be different without retailing’s posh store around the world to kick around.

Still Standing…
It is not over for Bebe until the fat lady sings. Despite of the money and store lost, there is hope for Bebe. While the company is calling it quits for their stores around the world, they are not calling it Chapter 11 just yet. How? One word…website. Bebe lovers can still shop on Bebe’s website. After all the bad news, it seems as though Bebe is now catching a break. It looks like the company is trying to remain standing in the retailing and fashion world. Retail lovers will still be able to get their hands on one of the world’s favorite merchandise. The dream can still live on for everyone to own some Bebe. Everyone might have to kiss the stores good-bye. But, they can still love on the Bebe’s website.

Despite that retailing is getting more bad news, Bebe is still standing. Their lovers will still have an opportunity to buy their latest merchandise. The company’s stores may be getting the closing curtain but, the company is still staying into the fashion world!

Pictures:  (top) www.fortinoconstruction.com

(middle) www.amazon.com

(bottom) www.bebe.com

Trending Up The Nails

There is something about getting the nails done that drives a girl wild. Painting the nails is so rewarding! It takes away all the problems and stress life has to offer. Getting the nails is really fun! It is even more fun when trying out different nail trends. For this spring/summer season, there are different nail trends that so fabulous and glamorous to try on the nails. Out of all the nail trends there are to try out for the spring/summer, the are three that everyone can just fall over the hills for. The three nail trends will be the hottest thing there is for this spring/summer season!

Keep It Glossy…
This nail trend should not only be a trend, it should be a lifestyle. Whoever hates glossy nails must be on something very strong. Glossy nails are so glamorous. Once glossy nail polish are worn on the nails, it is so hard to stop touching them. It feels so good once rubbing glossy nails. The gloss texture is so smooth. What makes it better, is that it never looses its smooth texture. It will be smooth for a lifetime. What everyone can just love about glossy nails, is how shiny they are. No one can resist the beautiful shine of the gloss. The gloss’s shine is beautiful and yet a little bright. The shine makes the glossy irresistible. What everyone could love the shine of the gloss, is that it gives the color of the gloss a beautiful look to it. What everyone could just love about the gloss is that is looks so incredible in lighting. Once the lighting hit the gloss, the beauty of the nails shines like it is no tomorrow. The gloss can be the nails’ best friend when it comes down to beauty.

Soft & Feminine Pinks…
Soft colors are always the best whenever it comes down for the beautiful spring/summer season. They always blend with the beauty of the outdoors. The color that is best to go with when it comes down of having a soft color is the color pink. The color has that special beauty to it. By soften up the color, the color pink can have that rich pure style to it. The color pink can be easily played with once being a soft color. It can be used as a wedding color, dress, nice blouse, and nail color. It looks great on the nails because it give the nails that fresh outdoor feeling to it. The nails can look a little natural yet still sensational. Soft & feminine pinks are the way to go for the spring/summer season.

Polish Up The Cuticles…
Some ladies maybe skeptical about this trend. However, cuticles need some loving too! Taking care of the cuticles is just as important as taking care of the nails. Once the cuticles are happy, the nails can be happy as well. Sure, some might think this is a big fashion no-no. But, cuticles can easily be painted in a nice and beautiful way. By back those babies up and painting them, others can easily enjoy the true trend of nail beauty. The nails are enjoying the fresh coat of nail polish. Why not allow the cuticles enjoy it as well?

These three nail trends are only a few that can make this spring/summer so hot. With these three nail trends, the spring/summer can be more enjoying!

Pictures:  (top &middle) www.pinterest.com

(bottom) wwww.helensstyle.com

Food For The Skin


There are many food types that are just so perfect to eat in order to have than beautiful natural skin for the face. But, what about wearing food for the face for cleansing. That is right. There are lots of food groups out there that are just so perfect as facial cleansing. By using food as a cleanser, a person will have no problem having fun with cleansing the face. There are so many types of food to choose as a cleanser. However, there are three that are you so great and refreshing to use.
Plain flavored oatmeal is incredible to use on the face. The only thing a person has to do is to make the oatmeal regularly, wait until the oatmeal has cooled down a little, and rub the oatmeal on the face. Oatmeal contains a chemical called saponins. Saponins are used in shampoo and detergents. It can be found in vegetables, bean, and herbs. This chemical is also great for lowering cholesterol, and can prevent cancer and heart diseases. Saponins is great for sensitive clean. With it being in oatmeal, it has no problem moisturizing the skin. Just use plain warm oatmeal twice a week and the skin will be looking so sweet. Oatmeal is the best for the skin.

Besides giving the body potassium, this fruit is just incredible as a facial cleanser. Just mash a whole banana in a bowl, mix it with turmeric and honey, and smear it on the face. After smearing the smashed banana on the face, leave it on there for twenty minutes. After leaving the mushed banana on the face for twenty minutes, wash it off with cold washcloth. Not only are bananas are great for the skin, it is also great for the hair as well. The potassium in the bananas helps moisturize and hydrates skin. The vitamin A in the fruit helps get rid of dark spots and acne scars. The amino acid in the bananas strengthens the connective tissue of the face. It also helps to maintain strength muscles and elasticity of the face. Besides the banana itself, the inside of the banana peel is great of getting rid of acne as well. Other than being a delicious fruit, bananas will make the skin healthy and beautiful.

Bananas are not the only fruit that is great for the face. Ever tried pomegranate juice on facial skin? By putting pomegranate on the face for two minutes and a person can say bye-bye to them nasty blemishes! The vitamin C in the fruit helps get rid of the acne. Pomegranates are great for any type of skin. They can also protect that skin from the any sun damage while enjoying the nice hot sun. Pomegranates are also a remedy for ageing. It seems as though this fruit can do everything for skin and body.

Oatmeal, bananas, and pomegranates are just to name few that are great for the skin. Who says a person cannot play with his or her food? When it comes to having a beautiful natural healthy skin, playing with food is the way to be. Not only is healthy food great for health, it is also great for the skin as well.

Pictures:  www.thefitindian.com (oatmeal)

www.ternoga.com (bananas)

wwww.beautyglimpse.com (pomegranates)

Funding For Fashion: ACUW Fashion Show

How to give back in such a stylish way?

Fashion designer, Anne Namba is helping college students with her beautiful talent. The lovely fashion designer decided to have her fashion line feature in ACUW’s eighty-sixth anniversary and fashion show. The organization is raising funds for scholarships for college students. ACUW is also raising fund for their community outreach as well. Everyone is getting prepared for this year’s anniversary.


Associated Chinese University Women was created on February 1931. It was founded by Elise Ting and Elizabeth Lam Leong. When the club was first created, it was called Associated Chinese University Women, Inc. Elise Ting, Eliza Lam Leong, and eight of their college classmates would meet up once a month to socialize and do community service. Throughout the years, Associated Chinese University Women, Inc. grew bigger within their membership from other colleges. The club would raise money for the China Fund and would tutor children. They would also help out with the Palamic Clinic by purchasing eyeglasses and false teeth for their patients. The club also had no problem giving out scholarships to college students. On October 1937, the club’s name was changed to “Associated Chinese University Women.” On 1983, the club decided to be a non-profitable organization. Today, Associated Chinese University Women holds over four hundred members that hold professional careers. They still have meetings. They also have special events that teaches Chinese culture, history, art, music, etc. Associated Chinese University Women is a great club full of members that are very well gifted.

Fashion Show

The ACUW Fashion Show is a big fundraiser event that the ACUW members have every year. The fashion show helps with scholarships and community service. During each year at the event, the ACUW funding help out with the Palolo Home. At the Palolo Home, ACUW members would go visit there to bring food, favors made by each member, and amusement. During the fashion show, there would be different vendors hosting food, clothing, jewelry, and makeup. All of these are based on Chinese Culture during the fashion show event. During this year’s fashion show event, it is going to be just as great as the other previous years’ events. If not, even better!


Anne Namba

The Event

ACUW’s eighy-sixth anniversary and fashion show is going to incredible with Anne Namba’s fashion line. Everyone is getting excited to see her line in this year’s fashion show. In Anne Nambas ‘s fashion line, it include kimonos, printed silks, and knits. The anniversary theme is called “With A Song In My Heart.” This year’s fashion show will be taking place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballroom. The event will happening on April 18, 2017. The time of the event will go from eleven in the morning, to one-thirty in the afternoon. At nine in the morning, on the day of the event, there will be a drawing for incredible prizes. This fashion show already sounds like fun!

If anyone wants to go to this amazing event on April 18, 2017, they can either visit http://www.acuwhawaii.org or call 599-4386. The tickets are only seventy-five dollars. This fashion show will be amazing!


Pictures:  (top)  www.khon2.com

(bottom) www.midweek.com