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All To Do To A Dress

Dresses can make any lady beautiful and sophisticated. The thing about dresses, is that they can bring out the natural beauty within any lady. Whether if it is laced or beaded, dresses can be the greatest. However, it seems that a dress can also make the ugliest things beautiful as well. In Sitka, Alaska, a very creative lady tried something new with her dress. The dress is very unique. What others may find out about this dress, will have their jaws drop to the ground. This dress will have anyone shocked on what can possibly make this dress so unique. It is just so amazing of what the creative mind can do to a dress. This dress is stunning, that is not even funny. Once everyone finds out on why others are loving this dress, they will love it as well. This dress will make fashion history.

The Making….
In Sitka, Alaska, Cynthia Gibson made an fascinating dress. However, it is what she made the dress out of is what makes this dress so fabulous. Gibson made her dress out of salmon bones. That is right. Try wearing fish bones as an attire. When Cynthia Gibson first thought about the idea, she wonder on why no one wants to do anything with salmon bones. Then, she thought about on how great it would be to show on how art can collide with fashion. When Gibson thought about salmon bones, she thought about a lovely dress. It goes to show that creativity can go a very long way.

How Long…
Despite that this was a great idea, making a dress out of salmon bones is not that easy. The dress took Cynthia Gibson four years to make. It took 20,000 salmon bones to make the dress. Talk about a lot of cans to buy for just one dress. In February of this year, Gibson was able to showcase the dress in Sitka’s Wearable Arts Fashion Show. With this dress, salmon bones was loved by both the food industry and fashion world. This dress can be a turning point for art and fashion to intertwine more with each other. This dress can give salmon lovers another reason to love the fish even more. This dress can be unique for anyone.

The Outcome…
By having this dress on Instagram, everyone cannot help but to love it. Who would of thought the salmon bones would be great to have as an outfit? Who would thought that salmon bones would actually be evolved with a dress? Who would of thought that salmon bones would actually have a place in the fashion world? Never have anyone would of thought that they would use the word “salmon” in the same sentence with the word “dress.” It looks like there is a time and place for everything.

Cynthia Gibson’s salon bone dress is a complete jaw dropper. Once looking at this dress for the first time, anyone can just adore the creativity of it. This dress can have anyone wanting to try something put of the ordinary with fashion. Soon and later everyone would want to wear salmon bones as they were denim.

Pictures:  http://juneauempire.com