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Stealing Grandma’s Glasses

When it comes down to glasses, everyone will love to rock them with no problem as an accessory.  Whether the person needs them or not, glasses are the best accessory to wear with a great attire.  But, what about grandma glasses?  Sure, grandma glasses can look ugly.  Sure, they can look tacky.  Sure, even grandma do not want to wear them her own self.  However, grandma glasses are the greatest thing ever to ever rock as an accessory.  These babies can be used as a vintage attire.  They can be used as something to wear for a day-to-day attire.  Grandma glasses are a thing to love as everyday glasses.  These babies are slowing becoming a trend for everyone to wear.  Grandma glasses are becoming fashion do’s instead of fashion don’ts.  Grandma glasses can anyone’s favorite trend to have as his or her own.


Whenever someone could ever think about grandma glasses, they think about the hideous frames.  The frames can be so horrifying.  However, they are what makes the glasses so fabulous to have.  The frames of the grandma glasses can protect the eyes from any sunlight.  They also protect the eyes from any sand, dust, and flies.  What everyone could just love about the frames is that they could give everyone that intelligent look once wearing them.  In fact, a person can feel intelligent once wearing some grandma glasses.  Being smart is sexy and yet fabulous.  Why not try to look sexy and fabulous?  Grandma frames can make the face look cute, wise, and sophisticated once wearing them.  Grandma frames can give others that feeling of wanting to be cute, wise, and sophisticated.  Without the frames, grandma glasses would not be so trendy.

So Vintage…

The thing about having grandma glasses is that they are so easy to rock as an accessory with an attire.  The best attire to wear with grandma glasses are vintage clothing.  These babies have no problem what-so-ever to enhance a vintage style.  Grandma glasses are all about having that good modern look to them.  In fact, they can look make any vintage attire look more classy and unique as ever.  With the grandma glasses,a person can pick any decade to rock out to whenever it comes down of wearing these babies.  As long as the grandma glasses are from that decade, they have no problem making any vintage attire enjoyable to wear.  Grandma glasses go fabulous with a vintage just like as well as pearls.

So Today…

What everyone could love about grandma glasses is that they can be worn with non-vintage clothing.  The best way to wear grandma glasses to always style the hair.  By styling the hair, the glasses can easily fit in place with the rest of the attire.  By styling the hair, any accessory of the face can be more exposed to an attire.  Grandma glasses can be seen more modern than vintage whenever the hair is styled in a great fashionable way.  With grandma glasses and wonderful hair quality, the attire can be worn perfect in place.

Grandma glasses are no longer an embarrassment to all grandmothers everywhere.  In fact, the grandchildren are having no problem of stealing grandma’s glasses.  These glasses are paving the way for all baby bloomers’ accessories to be worn for the millennial and generation Z.  The next thing everyone knows, every baby bloomer accessory will  be the next big thing for fashion everywhere.

Pictures:  www.pinterest.com

Belated Valentines: Red and White Textured Pieces


Happy Friday all!

And Happy -belated- Valentines! I hope you all had a really special day!

Although I am late on this post, I still wanted to share a fun Valentines’ look with you. I saw this skirt recently and was instantly drawn to it. The crisp, bold color., the intricate cut-out details, the velvet-like material… there is so much to appreciate about this piece!

I immediately thought of this structured blouse to pair with it. I’ve had this top for a while now, I got it over the summer and I have worn it several times; with jeans, trousers -mostly safe pairings. This was my first bolder pairing. Sometimes these ideas are better in my mind than they are in actuality, but I was really happy with the turnout. Its such a crisp, clean, classic look.

I kept the red theme going with my bag and lip color, accessories minimal, and nude heels so as to not to distract from the overall look.

This is a special post for me for another reason as well. This is will be my first post for Cosmolinx. Cosmolinx is an organization that supports “local creatives” specifically in the fashion industry. This includes boutique owners, designers, models, and bloggers just to name a few. The leader, Marie, is so lovely. I just admire her so much for how gracefully she handles everything. She offered me the opportunity to blog for the group a few months ago, and now all of the pieces are falling into place. Its an exciting time! A huge thank you to Marie for the opportunity!

And thank you all for reading and continuing this journey with me! I’m so grateful! =)


Top:: New York and Company
Skirt:: New York and Company
Heels:: Versona
​Bag:: Newchic.com