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The Color To Fall For

While everyone is applying sun tan lotion for the skin, it is not too early to get ready for the beautiful fall season. It is not too early to wonder what colors are hot to wear for the next season to come. As usual, there are plenty of dazzling colors that are so trendy. However, everyone should really want to wear this fabulous color. This color is a must have in the closet. It is natural. It is the color that a person can never wrong with. The color that everyone should be wearing is neutral gray. This color will make the fall season look so fabulous!

The Color…
The color neutral gray is beauty itself. The whole color is in between black and white. For this, the color itself is in between being a little bit of a light or dark color. Usually, others use this color as a dark color. With the color neutral gray being more of a dark color, others can enjoy its warmth. Others would have no problem rocking this color as it was the color brown or burgundy. With tis color, it can make others look strong, at peace, and formal. With these three traits representing this color, a person will have no problem loving this color more. Having strength, peace, and a formal look is so enjoying in the fall season. With this three traits, the fall season can be more enjoyable. This color will be wonderful for the fall season.

Blending In…
With this color being in between light and dark colors, this color has no problem mixing with any other color. The color neutral gray can be played with a lot when it comes down to matching different colors with it. By playing to see on what colors look so fabulous with this color, a person can easily make a creative match. Surprisingly, the color neutral gray can look fabulous with colors that a person never knows existed. Neutral gray has that tone to it that can easily go with any color. With it being so neutral, it can never be too little or much when matching with another color. Neutral gray is match maker in heaven.

Creating Beauty…
With the color neutral gray, it can glamorize any color that it matches with. Whatever color matches up with the color neutral gray, the color neutral gray makes that color better. For example, the colors pink and purple looks a whole lot prettier by just matching them up with neutral gray. This color has no problem bringing out the true meaning of any color that it associates with. Despite the color having no problem enhancing other colors, others can still see the beauty of neutral gray. Others can see the true natural of neutral gray. The color has that formal tone that everyone could love with no problem. With the color neutral gray it can a great color alone and with another color.

This fall is going to be great all thanks to this great color! The season is already looking stunning and it have not even come yet. Look out world, the color neutral gray just made the next season fabulous!

Pictures:  www.pantone.com


Loving The Autumn

For the fall season, it is not too cold nor too hot.  It has that simply nice weather that others can love.  As for the its seasonal colors, that is another story.  There is something about the fall season colors that can drive a person mad.  The colors can hypnotize anyone into getting into the fall spirit.  Mid-dark colors usually can bring a person’s mood down.  However, mid-dark colors during the fall can usually bring everyone’s hopes up into seeing what the season has to offer within a day.  It is so hard for a person to hate on mid-dark colors during the fall season.  That is why the color autumn maple is an incredible color to wear for this season.  Its beauty and the color itself can put the joy back in the fall season.

The Mood…

With the color autumn maple, a person cannot resist its color.  It can bring anyone into the mood of loving the season.  The color itself can remind anyone of the beauty of Mother Nature.  By looking at the color autumn maple, it can remind anyone of the beautiful tree leaves turning into the beautiful orange that everyone can love.  Just thinking about the beautiful green leaves turning into a beautiful orange color lighten anyone’s mood for the season.  It can also remind anyone of pumpkin season.  With this color, anyone will be so eager to want to curve a pumpkin.  Everyone will also be so eager into trying new recipes that deals with pumpkin.  The color autumn maple has no problem setting the perfect seasonal mood for the fall season. With this color, the season will have no problem being enjoyable.


The Color…

Whenever anyone thinks about the fall season, he or she thinks about the color orange.  The color orange is mainly used in nature, holidays, and fashion during the season.  With this color, everyone can sees it true beauty.  During the fall season, this color has no problem outshining the rest of the colors that may be used during the season.  That is why everyone would have no problem loving the color autumn maple. The color autumn maple is that beautiful orange color.  With its darkness, it can easily show the true nature of what the color orange supposed to be during the season.  Everyone can feel a calm relaxing mood during the season by just dealing with the darkness of the color autumn maple.  Everyone can easily swift into the changing of the season being from summer to fall.  Without jumping the gun, a person can endure the sweet change of the season.  With this color, the change of the season will be fun to enjoy.

The Season…

With the color autumn maple, it can put anyone into the mood for the upcoming holidays.  With this color, Halloween and Thanksgiving can be more enjoying and fun with the family and friends. Who does not want to have jack-o-lantern or pumpkin pie? Who does not like the sweet smell of maple? This color has no problem giving the true mean of what the fall season is all about.  With this color, the holidays are going to be wonderful to enjoy with the family and friends.

Autumn Maple is a great color to have for the fall season.  It sets the mood for season, holidays, and nature.  With this color everyone will have no problem loving and enduring the fall season. Look out world, the color autumn maple will be hear before anyone knows it!

Pictures: (top) www.matchesfashion.com
(middle)  www.patone.com