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Working With Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has a brand new face and body for their company! This fabulous lady has talent, charisma, and style.  The celebrity that will be representing the wonderful Calvin Klein Company is no other than the lovely Paris Jackson! The late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s beautiful daughter is strutting the fashion scene like it is no tomorrow.  While Jackson became a guest for Calvin Klein during the 2017 Met Gala, she stunned the event with her fabulous black midriff cutout dress by Calvin Klein.  The fashion world has been great for the lovely lady ever since she stepped out into the style scene.  Paris Jackson is the next big in the fashion industry.

The Big Deal…

Paris Jackson is going to be the face and body for Calvin Klein.  Not only that, but the lovely model have also signed a big deal with the company as well.  But, this is just not any ordinary deal.  The deal that Jackson have signed with Calvin Klein is a seven figure deal.  How amazing is that?  For Paris Jackson, this is her very first fashion campaign that is so significant.  Anyone who loves Calvin Klein and Paris Jackson are in for a great treat when seeing the lovely model everywhere that is Calvin Klein related. For everyone, Calvin Klein is the fashion company to die for.  Calvin Klein has that type of style that is so phenomenal that it just out of this world!  To have a seven figure deal with one of the greatest’s fashion companies ever, this is dream come true for Paris Jackson.

Sign It Up…

Paris Jackson will be having a seven figure deal with Calvin Klein.  However, this one is just the the tip of the iceberg for the model.  Jackson have also signed up with IMG Models in March of this year.  The International Management Group, aka IMG, is a company for fashion, media, and sports.  The company had offices known in New York, Milan, Paris, Sydney, and London.  The company itself has a huge reputation of working with great talents such as Kate Moss, Joan Smalls, and Chanel Inman.   IMG Models has no problem taking careers to a higher level and finding great talent.  With Paris Jackson on board with the agency, this will be a great start for her and her career.


There Is More…

Being with companies like Calvin Klein and IMG Models is only the begging for Paris Jackson.  The lovely model will be in a Charlize Theron film for Amazon Studios.  The film will also feature actors Thandie Newton, Amanda Seyfried, and Joel Edgerton in it as well.  Jackson also did a cover for Vogue Australia just not too long ago.  It seems as though everything is getting bigger and better for the young model.  It seems as though the model has bright future in the fashion world.

The fashion world is loving everything there is to Paris Jackson.  With so much talent, charisma, and style, it is no wonder that the model is with Calvin Klein and IMG Models.  The fashion world is eating at the palm of Paris Jackson’s hands.



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Stealing Grandma’s Glasses

When it comes down to glasses, everyone will love to rock them with no problem as an accessory.  Whether the person needs them or not, glasses are the best accessory to wear with a great attire.  But, what about grandma glasses?  Sure, grandma glasses can look ugly.  Sure, they can look tacky.  Sure, even grandma do not want to wear them her own self.  However, grandma glasses are the greatest thing ever to ever rock as an accessory.  These babies can be used as a vintage attire.  They can be used as something to wear for a day-to-day attire.  Grandma glasses are a thing to love as everyday glasses.  These babies are slowing becoming a trend for everyone to wear.  Grandma glasses are becoming fashion do’s instead of fashion don’ts.  Grandma glasses can anyone’s favorite trend to have as his or her own.


Whenever someone could ever think about grandma glasses, they think about the hideous frames.  The frames can be so horrifying.  However, they are what makes the glasses so fabulous to have.  The frames of the grandma glasses can protect the eyes from any sunlight.  They also protect the eyes from any sand, dust, and flies.  What everyone could just love about the frames is that they could give everyone that intelligent look once wearing them.  In fact, a person can feel intelligent once wearing some grandma glasses.  Being smart is sexy and yet fabulous.  Why not try to look sexy and fabulous?  Grandma frames can make the face look cute, wise, and sophisticated once wearing them.  Grandma frames can give others that feeling of wanting to be cute, wise, and sophisticated.  Without the frames, grandma glasses would not be so trendy.

So Vintage…

The thing about having grandma glasses is that they are so easy to rock as an accessory with an attire.  The best attire to wear with grandma glasses are vintage clothing.  These babies have no problem what-so-ever to enhance a vintage style.  Grandma glasses are all about having that good modern look to them.  In fact, they can look make any vintage attire look more classy and unique as ever.  With the grandma glasses,a person can pick any decade to rock out to whenever it comes down of wearing these babies.  As long as the grandma glasses are from that decade, they have no problem making any vintage attire enjoyable to wear.  Grandma glasses go fabulous with a vintage just like as well as pearls.

So Today…

What everyone could love about grandma glasses is that they can be worn with non-vintage clothing.  The best way to wear grandma glasses to always style the hair.  By styling the hair, the glasses can easily fit in place with the rest of the attire.  By styling the hair, any accessory of the face can be more exposed to an attire.  Grandma glasses can be seen more modern than vintage whenever the hair is styled in a great fashionable way.  With grandma glasses and wonderful hair quality, the attire can be worn perfect in place.

Grandma glasses are no longer an embarrassment to all grandmothers everywhere.  In fact, the grandchildren are having no problem of stealing grandma’s glasses.  These glasses are paving the way for all baby bloomers’ accessories to be worn for the millennial and generation Z.  The next thing everyone knows, every baby bloomer accessory will  be the next big thing for fashion everywhere.

Pictures:  www.pinterest.com

Targeting The Beckham

Once again, Target is collaborating with a great celebrity. This time, the great celebrity is no other than the fashionista songstress, Victoria Beckham. Known as Posh Spice in the 90’s, this Spice Girl is showing off her merchandise for this beautiful season. Target have a history of selling great merchandise when it comes down of collaborating with a celebrity or fashion designer. With Victoria Beckham, the store will have no problem selling her merchandise like hot cakes up from now until April 30th.
Let’s Go Ladies…
Victoria Beckham’s fashion line with Target include two hundred pieces. The fashionista songstress’ fashion line is for the wonderful ladies of all ages. Not only does do the ladies can have fun rocking Beckham’s attire, the wonderful children can have fun as well. That is right. Little girls, toddlers, and babies will also love these pieces once wearing them. Based on Beckham’s life as a mother, this fashion line will have no problem being the thing in this spring season. Little girls always look up to their mothers. Mothers always love to dress their daughters just like them. By having the same attire from the same fashion line, mothers and daughters can have fun with Target’s latest celebrity collaboration. This spring season can make a mother-daughter bond magical with this fashion line.
Loving The Size…
There is finally a fashion line that includes plus sizes! Sure, there was Lilly Pulitzer’s fashion line back in 2015. However, her fashion line for plus size was only available online. Victoria Beckham’s fashion line for the plus size will be available in all Target stores and online. This is a very big deal for everyone including Target. Plus size women finally can strut their stuff in such a fashion line. They can also be apart of rocking beautiful floral for the spring season. The sizes for the ladies go from extra small to extra-extra-extra large. The sizes for the children goes from new born to extra large. Every size lady will not only love Victoria Beckham’s fashion line but, will be rocking her line together.  Love those curves!
All About The Prices…
What makes this fashion line so great, is that it is all affordable. The cost of the products are between the price of six dollars and seventy dollars. How incredible is that? Not only is this fashion line affordable, it also look amazing. This whole fashion line looks ten times its worth. It also look like something from a glamorous boutique. With the lovely floral printing and beautiful colors, this fashion line is a total must have. Can everyone say, ‘Easter dress shopping?!?!’ Yea, Victoria Beckham and Target just made life a little bit easier for this year’s Easter. This collection will be great for not just Easter but, for the spring season. These two hundred pieces of merchandise will be so fabulous to have during the spring season.

Once again, Target has collaborated with one of the greatest celebrities ever! Victoria Beckham is not only a great songstress but, a talented fashionista. This spring season just became fabulous with this new fashion line!

Pictures- (top) metro.co.uk


               (bottom) www.forbes.com

Trending Up The Nails

There is something about getting the nails done that drives a girl wild. Painting the nails is so rewarding! It takes away all the problems and stress life has to offer. Getting the nails is really fun! It is even more fun when trying out different nail trends. For this spring/summer season, there are different nail trends that so fabulous and glamorous to try on the nails. Out of all the nail trends there are to try out for the spring/summer, the are three that everyone can just fall over the hills for. The three nail trends will be the hottest thing there is for this spring/summer season!

Keep It Glossy…
This nail trend should not only be a trend, it should be a lifestyle. Whoever hates glossy nails must be on something very strong. Glossy nails are so glamorous. Once glossy nail polish are worn on the nails, it is so hard to stop touching them. It feels so good once rubbing glossy nails. The gloss texture is so smooth. What makes it better, is that it never looses its smooth texture. It will be smooth for a lifetime. What everyone can just love about glossy nails, is how shiny they are. No one can resist the beautiful shine of the gloss. The gloss’s shine is beautiful and yet a little bright. The shine makes the glossy irresistible. What everyone could love the shine of the gloss, is that it gives the color of the gloss a beautiful look to it. What everyone could just love about the gloss is that is looks so incredible in lighting. Once the lighting hit the gloss, the beauty of the nails shines like it is no tomorrow. The gloss can be the nails’ best friend when it comes down to beauty.

Soft & Feminine Pinks…
Soft colors are always the best whenever it comes down for the beautiful spring/summer season. They always blend with the beauty of the outdoors. The color that is best to go with when it comes down of having a soft color is the color pink. The color has that special beauty to it. By soften up the color, the color pink can have that rich pure style to it. The color pink can be easily played with once being a soft color. It can be used as a wedding color, dress, nice blouse, and nail color. It looks great on the nails because it give the nails that fresh outdoor feeling to it. The nails can look a little natural yet still sensational. Soft & feminine pinks are the way to go for the spring/summer season.

Polish Up The Cuticles…
Some ladies maybe skeptical about this trend. However, cuticles need some loving too! Taking care of the cuticles is just as important as taking care of the nails. Once the cuticles are happy, the nails can be happy as well. Sure, some might think this is a big fashion no-no. But, cuticles can easily be painted in a nice and beautiful way. By back those babies up and painting them, others can easily enjoy the true trend of nail beauty. The nails are enjoying the fresh coat of nail polish. Why not allow the cuticles enjoy it as well?

These three nail trends are only a few that can make this spring/summer so hot. With these three nail trends, the spring/summer can be more enjoying!

Pictures:  (top &middle) www.pinterest.com

(bottom) wwww.helensstyle.com

Runway 101

Runway 101 with Candice the Model can teach anyone on how to walk the runway professionally like it is no tomorrow. I had the greatest opportunity to witness the joys of a runway experience. While observing Candice the Model showing upcoming models on how to rock the runway, I have learned a lot on my own as well. This class was very informative on what to do, act, and present on a runway. While being in Runway 101 during the entire time, one can actually experience the joys of being a model.
When Runway 101 first got started, Candice the Model had taught the upcoming models the basics of walking the runway. She first taught the female models on how to position themselves on the runway. That a female model must work on a T-shape stand in order to get that right model walk. That they must focus on the arc of their backs. For the male models, it is all about flowing. Candice the Model also taught the models how each have to be confident when walking the runway. That each model must have that idea of owning the stage while walking the runway. While some of the upcoming models were a little bit nervous of having that model walk, Candice the Model worked on them to become more confident within their own skin. While working with the upcoming models’ posture and stand, Candice the Model was able whip them into shape of looking like professional models. After some time, the upcoming models were ready to learn more about rocking the runway.

While learning more about the runway, the upcoming models were getting the hang of being professional models. Candice the Model was teaching each model on how to just allow walking the runway to be natural. While walking the runway, a model must learn to never look down. He or she must learn to not force the walk but, just let it come natural. A model must always keep his or her eyes focused and not wondering everywhere while walking the runway. A model must also allow his or her body to guide them. By going off from all of these tips of walking the runway, the upcoming models was able to kill the runway for one last run through on the runway in Runway 101.

After the runway session, Candice the Model was able to talk more to the upcoming models on how to make it in the modeling industry. She was able to talk to them about never paying for a show. She also talk to them on how to have caution on what brand they are all planning on working with in the near future. Candice the Model also talk to the upcoming models on how to always practice modelling. No matter what, always get in the routine of practicing on walking the runway. She also told them that social media and going to different fashion events are very important when it comes down of being a model. Everyone has to know who a person is in order to want them in their upcoming event. From learning all of these points, the upcoming models were ready to take their new careers in a whole new level.

From being in Runway 101 my own self, I have learned more about the fashion industry as well. This had really taught me that there is more to modeling than just walking the runway and looking cute. I learned that if one wants to be a model, one must want it really badly. Such a great experience!

Belated Valentines: Red and White Textured Pieces


Happy Friday all!

And Happy -belated- Valentines! I hope you all had a really special day!

Although I am late on this post, I still wanted to share a fun Valentines’ look with you. I saw this skirt recently and was instantly drawn to it. The crisp, bold color., the intricate cut-out details, the velvet-like material… there is so much to appreciate about this piece!

I immediately thought of this structured blouse to pair with it. I’ve had this top for a while now, I got it over the summer and I have worn it several times; with jeans, trousers -mostly safe pairings. This was my first bolder pairing. Sometimes these ideas are better in my mind than they are in actuality, but I was really happy with the turnout. Its such a crisp, clean, classic look.

I kept the red theme going with my bag and lip color, accessories minimal, and nude heels so as to not to distract from the overall look.

This is a special post for me for another reason as well. This is will be my first post for Cosmolinx. Cosmolinx is an organization that supports “local creatives” specifically in the fashion industry. This includes boutique owners, designers, models, and bloggers just to name a few. The leader, Marie, is so lovely. I just admire her so much for how gracefully she handles everything. She offered me the opportunity to blog for the group a few months ago, and now all of the pieces are falling into place. Its an exciting time! A huge thank you to Marie for the opportunity!

And thank you all for reading and continuing this journey with me! I’m so grateful! =)


Top:: New York and Company
Skirt:: New York and Company
Heels:: Versona
​Bag:: Newchic.com

Cosmolinx Presents Runway 101

Models join us as we host Runway 101. The ulimate guide to perfecting your runway walk! Model Coach and published model Candice Rushing, better known as Candice The Model will be our coach for the workshop! During the workshop you will learn key skills in body posture, speed, confidence and so much more! You do not have to be an expierenced model to join us, all models are welcome! CTM has worked with many models in industry, training them and watching them go on to book shows! For only $5 you can be ready to work the runway for your next gig! Work now and get booked later! 

Models please be sure to wear all black form fitting clothing, hair pulled out of face, and don’t forget your heels! The workshop will be held Saturday, March 4th 12:00PM – 2:00PM at 2424 North Davidson St.