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Good Old Coconut Milk

My face could not be any happier with this brand new cleanser that I have gotten from Ipsy this month. Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser is a total must have for the face. Never would I think that coconut milk cleanser would work so well on my face. This cleanser is so soothing to the skin. It is so relaxing. It is beyond a gift from heaven from above. This coconut milk cleanser will have anyone wanting to cleanse their face in it once trying it for the very first time.

Cleaning the Face…

Once I applied Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser on my face, I was so surprised on how white it turned out on my face. The coconut milk cleanser looked like soap. Thank goodness it was not because soap is bad for the face. While my face was looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost, it felt so free from the pores and makeup foundation that was on it. My face felt so good being in the lovely coconut milk. I felt like I was actually doing my facial skin a great favor. While applying the cleanser on my face, it felt like pure heaven! This cleanser felt so good on my face and I have not even washed it off just yet.

Start Scrubbing…

As soon as I start to scrub the coconut milk cleanser on my face, it start to foam.  The foam of the cleanser collects all the dirt and makeup from my face. When I was scrubbing my face, I had so much fun with the foam.  The foam from Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser felt so refreshing.  In fact, it actually made me want to cleanse my face for a second time.  The foam of the cleanser can encourage anyone to have fun of removing the dirt from the face.  The foam can make anyone feel like a little child inside for wanting to play with foam.  By having foam within the coconut milk cleanser, cleansing the face can be more of reward than a burden.  This foam is beyond wonderful.

Let’s Rinse…

Once I rinse off the foam from my face, the dirt and makeup was removed.  After rinsing my face from Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser, the face is automatically moisturized. This is why this coconut milk cleanser should be in everyone’s bathroom right now.  For a cleanser to cleanse and moisturize the face with just once rinse is so incredible.  This just doubled the fun of cleansing my face.  After rinsing the cleanser off of my face, my face felt so smooth and clean.  My face felt like it can breathe again from removing all the dirt and makeup that was clogging it.  This cleanser is the greatest!  Never do I have to cleanse my face and then moisturize.  Instead, I can do it both at the same time in just one minute.

 Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser is the greatest thing ever!  The cleansing, foam, and moisturizing can make facial cleansing easy and so much fun!  Never would I think that I would love a cleanser so much.  Never would I think that I would actually try coconut milk on my face.  Neogen’s Pure Mild Cleanser can be pure heaven for everyone!

We Want Our Curves Back

So the new trend of this year are curves. But, there is one little tiny problem. WHERE ARE THE CURVES??? There are models that a supposed to represent curves. However, they are just as skinny as they can be. I am no trying to bash every single skinning lady out there. But, if the fashion world are going to be talking about curves, please show the ladies who are thick and/or have an hour shape body. It is images like this that make not so skinny females feel so ugly about the way she looks. It is images like this that make females go to anorexic or bulimic just because they have to look a certain type of way. I for one, am so tired of it! Bring back our curves!

Image result for fashion icons who have curvesSuper Bowl LI….
When Lady Gaga performed during halftime at Super Bowl LI, others were criticizing the singer’s stomach. What made it worse was that Lady Gaga really did not have a gut for everyone to criticize about. It was just a little pooch. As great of a body that Lady Gaga has, she still got slammed for just having a little pooch of a stomach. It just really boggles the mind. What is really a good body? What is really a beautiful body for the world? How skinny did a female have to be in order to have the perfect body for the world? When looking at images of very skinny women, no one says a word. No one says “that model was a serious problem” or “that model needs to eat a cheeseburger.” Everyone is just happy and accepts the very skinny model. Why is that really?
Fashion Image…
Image may contain: 2 people, people standingWhen I was on Facebook, one of my college friends had posted a picture of a banner that a store had in their store window. It had two females posing with their backs against the viewers. On the right side of the image, there is a saying that that says “Love your curves.” Both of the females obviously do not have any curves. Both of them are just as skinny as they can be. Of course everyone was wondering on what curves that the banner was talking about. Again, not shamming these models on the banner. However, if a company is going to shake up the world, then shake it up with someone with a little meat on the bones. Everyone is not talking about just the ebony side when it comes down to curves. Everyone is talking about ebony, ivory, and any other face that have hips, thighs, and a bust of the size of double D. In other words, add in the ones who does where a size ten and up.

Curves are Beautiful…
When it comes down to real curves, they are beautiful. Talented celebrities such Marilyn Monroe, Queen Latifah, Sherry Shepard, and Amber Riley are all great examples of being curving and beautiful is all about. It is time for everyone girl to love themselves just the way they are. It is time for the fashion image to be shaken up again. It is time for others to know that body shamming is not great. It is time for everyone to see that not everyone is mint to be slim. It is time for everyone to know that being thick in the waist is just as beautiful as being a thin in the waist. World, it is time to embrace the real curves of life!

Pictures:  (first & third) www.Pinterest.com

(second) www.Facebook.com

Must Have This App


Someone is having a glamourous twentieth anniversary.  That someone is L’Oréal Paris.  The company collaborates with the company Perfect Corp. for this year’s Cannes Film.  L’Oréal Paris and Perfect Corp. will be showcasing a YouCam for its fans.  The YouCam will have sixty-four AR film-inspired looks.  While this year’s Cannes Film is the new buzz for everyone, L’Oréal Paris and Perfect Corp is trying to be that new bee of the hive. This festival have just gotten hot for everyone!


Working With the YouCam…

Since L’Oréal Paris is Cannes Film festival partner, everyone is so psyched on this new showcase for this app.  This technology will have everyone on wanting to try it so much, that it will be insane.  What everyone would love about the AR technology, is that users will get a live red carpet experience for the very first time.  Users would have no problem trying sixty-four new film-spired looks.  On May 24th and May 25th, everyone had a chance to experience these incredible sixty-four new film-spired looks.  During the Cannes, users had a chance to get a sneak peek of the AR technology with L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador Liza Lash.  This technology is outstanding and fabulous.  It is the thing that everyone would fall in love with once trying it for the very first time.  This YouCam is the future for all make-up looks everywhere.


The YouCam Makeup…

For some who do not know what YouCam Makeup is, it is the greatest thing ever! Instead of trying on makeup to see which blush, lipstick, and eye-shadow works for the face, this device can easily sample a lady’s face on her phone.  A lady can try on the different wonders of cosmetics with just a selfie or phone camera.  A lady will have no problem having fun with this app.  A lady can easily change her makeup style with no problem at all.  A lady can also get beauty tips and the latest beauty trends from YouCam Makeup.  This App just made wearing makeup a whole easier and fun!

Me using the app YouCam Makeup on my own.



There Is More…

The YouCam is not the only app that Perfect Corp has to offer.  There is also YouCam Nails.  YouCam Nails is an app where others can personalize their nails.  There is so many nail polishes to choose with the app. There are so many nail designs that can be chosen on this app as well.  With this app, anyone can be a natural born nail artist.  Just like the makeup, a lady can easily have fun with the nails.  It can also give others tips on how to keep the nails healthy and beautiful.  This app can be the greatest for all its users once using it for nails.  Having the perfect nails will be more enjoyable once using this app.



L’Oreal Paris and Perfect Corp did an incredible job with the sixty-four film-spired looks.  Once trying any of these looks, a lady would just kill for it.  Anyone is available of downloading the YouCam Makeup on their phone for free.  Do not miss out, these looks are just that hot.

Picture:  (top) www.fragrance.org



The Color To Fall For

While everyone is applying sun tan lotion for the skin, it is not too early to get ready for the beautiful fall season. It is not too early to wonder what colors are hot to wear for the next season to come. As usual, there are plenty of dazzling colors that are so trendy. However, everyone should really want to wear this fabulous color. This color is a must have in the closet. It is natural. It is the color that a person can never wrong with. The color that everyone should be wearing is neutral gray. This color will make the fall season look so fabulous!

The Color…
The color neutral gray is beauty itself. The whole color is in between black and white. For this, the color itself is in between being a little bit of a light or dark color. Usually, others use this color as a dark color. With the color neutral gray being more of a dark color, others can enjoy its warmth. Others would have no problem rocking this color as it was the color brown or burgundy. With tis color, it can make others look strong, at peace, and formal. With these three traits representing this color, a person will have no problem loving this color more. Having strength, peace, and a formal look is so enjoying in the fall season. With this three traits, the fall season can be more enjoyable. This color will be wonderful for the fall season.

Blending In…
With this color being in between light and dark colors, this color has no problem mixing with any other color. The color neutral gray can be played with a lot when it comes down to matching different colors with it. By playing to see on what colors look so fabulous with this color, a person can easily make a creative match. Surprisingly, the color neutral gray can look fabulous with colors that a person never knows existed. Neutral gray has that tone to it that can easily go with any color. With it being so neutral, it can never be too little or much when matching with another color. Neutral gray is match maker in heaven.

Creating Beauty…
With the color neutral gray, it can glamorize any color that it matches with. Whatever color matches up with the color neutral gray, the color neutral gray makes that color better. For example, the colors pink and purple looks a whole lot prettier by just matching them up with neutral gray. This color has no problem bringing out the true meaning of any color that it associates with. Despite the color having no problem enhancing other colors, others can still see the beauty of neutral gray. Others can see the true natural of neutral gray. The color has that formal tone that everyone could love with no problem. With the color neutral gray it can a great color alone and with another color.

This fall is going to be great all thanks to this great color! The season is already looking stunning and it have not even come yet. Look out world, the color neutral gray just made the next season fabulous!

Pictures:  www.pantone.com


Loving The Shingore With No Problem

What everyone can love about manufacturer textiles is that they can make anything look incredible.  Whether if it is knitting or weaving, manufactures are the best.  Everyone cannot just get enough of it.  One thing that others could love like there is no tomorrow is shingore.  This is the manufacture that everyone has in his or her closet.  It is the greatest thing ever.  The texture and style is what win everyone over with this manufacturer.  The shingore is simply irresistible to look at. Shingore is that manufacturer that anyone of all ages and gender can love for eternity.  This manufacturer is the best!
The Origin…
Shingore is so fabulous to have as an accessory.  But, what does it come from?  Easy, shingora is based in Ludhiana, Punjab of the country India.  Mridula Jain started this manufacturer in 1976.  Jain was the chairperson of the Shingora Company.  This company was creating a high-fashion accessories trend is India.  The company would make scarves, stoles, and pocket squares.  The making of the shingora was based on modern inspirations and tradition of India.  The manufacture is a synonym of embellishment.  Shingora have always been an inspiration of the classification of Indian women. Shingora has no problem being seen in wardrobes of both males and females.  This is the manufacturer to have in the closet.
The Making…
Shingore is so beautiful to have as an accessory.  To make this textile, it takes a lot dedication and hard work.  In India, the Shingora Company has over 50,000 square meters of area in its factory.  There are 700 employees that work in the factory.  There are several techniques to make shingora.  The techniques are:  machine embroidery, hand embroidery, jacquard, printing, dobby, and hand floats. Shingora could be made in the fabrics of wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, or linen.  In order to have a great shingore, it takes a lot of work.  It takes dyeing, weaving, washing, dry cleaning, finishing, stitching, cutting, labeling/packing, and spinning.  With many things to do to in order to have a great accessory, the shingora is worth it.
Rocking It…
Shingore is the best whenever it comes down to scarves and shawls.  It can also be used in furniture as well such as throw pillows and table lines.  This manufacturer is the best!   What everyone can just love about it,

is the color and designs on the shingore.  When looking at the creativity of each scarf or pock square made in the manufacturer, a person cannot help but to be a complete sucker for the shingore.  A person cannot just buy one accessory from this manufacturer.  A person have to at least buy five or six accessories.  That is how great a shingore is.  However, shingore can be found in attire as well.  That is right.  Just imagine wearing this baby as a beautiful dress or a top.  Shingores are taking over as we speak.  It will not be long until everyone will be wearing nothing but shingores.

Shingores are the greatest thing ever!   By just looking at it can make anyone want to get it in their wardrobe.  This manufacturer is a total must have for every accessory made. With all the dyeing and spinning, the shingore is incredible.

Stretch Marks The Beauty Of The Body

There are some things in the world where the media wants to photoshop with no problem.  Despite that some things are harmless and natural, the media finds it unattractive.  However, some fashion brands are taking a huge stand in the fashion world.  Some fashion brands are no longer covering up what God has given others.  Some fashion brands are saying no more body shaming.  While the media is in denial of what is actual beauty, more brands are giving others pride on their bodies.  It is time to love the body.
Stretch Marks…
Stretch marks is completely natural for any shape of the body.  Sure, they may look gross.  But, it is part of human life.  When others look at magazines or movies, they never see stretch marks on the model, actress, or actor.  Everyone can all thank air brush for that.  But recently, a founder of a brand new swimwear did not use air brush on the pictures of the models in her company.  Rheya Swim’s founder, Chloe Madison, allowed everyone to endure the stretch marks there is on each of her models wearing her new swim line.  Madison and a best friend of hers decided to be the models for her new swim line. When the photos of her new swim line were first made, they were air brushed.  When Chloe Madison had seen the pictures of herself and best friend, she realized that the pictures of the new swim line were unrealistic for a human being.  Chloe could not even recognize herself in the pictures.  It was at the point that Madison decided to have the pictures redone without any air brush.  After this, everyone had a natural body that they can love.  With Madison’s stretch mark showing decision, everyone can look at a more realistic body for the summer.

Just Flawless…

After seeing stretch marks in Rheya Swim’s new swim line pictures, others can feel more comfortable about the flawless body.  Seeing models with visible stretch marks are an eye opener for everyone to love the body for what it is.  Some are calling Rheya Swim’s swim line pictures more realistic.  Others are calling this wonderful.  This can be a breakthrough for everyone to stop depending on photoshop or air brush to define them as beautiful.  This can be a relief for everyone to not be so pressured into getting the perfect body the media sees as beautiful.  Everyone can finally see that true beauty awaits in the inside of the body and heart.

True Beauty…

By looking at a model that has visible stretch marks, others can feel that this model can relate to them.  Others can feel as though having a flawless body can be a flaw.  Others can have the confidence of their own imperfection body.  Others can slowing stop shaming something so little as in a few stretch marks on the body.  By having fashion brand owners like Chloe Madison to stand up to air brush, others can finally love their natural body with no problem.

With stretch marks finally being able to be loved, everyone can slowing love other parts of the body that is seen as a flaw.  It is been time for everyone to start loving the natural body and not photoshop.

Pictures:  www.rheyaswim.com

All To Do To A Dress

Dresses can make any lady beautiful and sophisticated. The thing about dresses, is that they can bring out the natural beauty within any lady. Whether if it is laced or beaded, dresses can be the greatest. However, it seems that a dress can also make the ugliest things beautiful as well. In Sitka, Alaska, a very creative lady tried something new with her dress. The dress is very unique. What others may find out about this dress, will have their jaws drop to the ground. This dress will have anyone shocked on what can possibly make this dress so unique. It is just so amazing of what the creative mind can do to a dress. This dress is stunning, that is not even funny. Once everyone finds out on why others are loving this dress, they will love it as well. This dress will make fashion history.

The Making….
In Sitka, Alaska, Cynthia Gibson made an fascinating dress. However, it is what she made the dress out of is what makes this dress so fabulous. Gibson made her dress out of salmon bones. That is right. Try wearing fish bones as an attire. When Cynthia Gibson first thought about the idea, she wonder on why no one wants to do anything with salmon bones. Then, she thought about on how great it would be to show on how art can collide with fashion. When Gibson thought about salmon bones, she thought about a lovely dress. It goes to show that creativity can go a very long way.

How Long…
Despite that this was a great idea, making a dress out of salmon bones is not that easy. The dress took Cynthia Gibson four years to make. It took 20,000 salmon bones to make the dress. Talk about a lot of cans to buy for just one dress. In February of this year, Gibson was able to showcase the dress in Sitka’s Wearable Arts Fashion Show. With this dress, salmon bones was loved by both the food industry and fashion world. This dress can be a turning point for art and fashion to intertwine more with each other. This dress can give salmon lovers another reason to love the fish even more. This dress can be unique for anyone.

The Outcome…
By having this dress on Instagram, everyone cannot help but to love it. Who would of thought the salmon bones would be great to have as an outfit? Who would thought that salmon bones would actually be evolved with a dress? Who would of thought that salmon bones would actually have a place in the fashion world? Never have anyone would of thought that they would use the word “salmon” in the same sentence with the word “dress.” It looks like there is a time and place for everything.

Cynthia Gibson’s salon bone dress is a complete jaw dropper. Once looking at this dress for the first time, anyone can just adore the creativity of it. This dress can have anyone wanting to try something put of the ordinary with fashion. Soon and later everyone would want to wear salmon bones as they were denim.

Pictures:  http://juneauempire.com

Loving The Autumn

For the fall season, it is not too cold nor too hot.  It has that simply nice weather that others can love.  As for the its seasonal colors, that is another story.  There is something about the fall season colors that can drive a person mad.  The colors can hypnotize anyone into getting into the fall spirit.  Mid-dark colors usually can bring a person’s mood down.  However, mid-dark colors during the fall can usually bring everyone’s hopes up into seeing what the season has to offer within a day.  It is so hard for a person to hate on mid-dark colors during the fall season.  That is why the color autumn maple is an incredible color to wear for this season.  Its beauty and the color itself can put the joy back in the fall season.

The Mood…

With the color autumn maple, a person cannot resist its color.  It can bring anyone into the mood of loving the season.  The color itself can remind anyone of the beauty of Mother Nature.  By looking at the color autumn maple, it can remind anyone of the beautiful tree leaves turning into the beautiful orange that everyone can love.  Just thinking about the beautiful green leaves turning into a beautiful orange color lighten anyone’s mood for the season.  It can also remind anyone of pumpkin season.  With this color, anyone will be so eager to want to curve a pumpkin.  Everyone will also be so eager into trying new recipes that deals with pumpkin.  The color autumn maple has no problem setting the perfect seasonal mood for the fall season. With this color, the season will have no problem being enjoyable.


The Color…

Whenever anyone thinks about the fall season, he or she thinks about the color orange.  The color orange is mainly used in nature, holidays, and fashion during the season.  With this color, everyone can sees it true beauty.  During the fall season, this color has no problem outshining the rest of the colors that may be used during the season.  That is why everyone would have no problem loving the color autumn maple. The color autumn maple is that beautiful orange color.  With its darkness, it can easily show the true nature of what the color orange supposed to be during the season.  Everyone can feel a calm relaxing mood during the season by just dealing with the darkness of the color autumn maple.  Everyone can easily swift into the changing of the season being from summer to fall.  Without jumping the gun, a person can endure the sweet change of the season.  With this color, the change of the season will be fun to enjoy.

The Season…

With the color autumn maple, it can put anyone into the mood for the upcoming holidays.  With this color, Halloween and Thanksgiving can be more enjoying and fun with the family and friends. Who does not want to have jack-o-lantern or pumpkin pie? Who does not like the sweet smell of maple? This color has no problem giving the true mean of what the fall season is all about.  With this color, the holidays are going to be wonderful to enjoy with the family and friends.

Autumn Maple is a great color to have for the fall season.  It sets the mood for season, holidays, and nature.  With this color everyone will have no problem loving and enduring the fall season. Look out world, the color autumn maple will be hear before anyone knows it!

Pictures: (top) www.matchesfashion.com
(middle)  www.patone.com

Just Count On Peroxide

The joys of having peroxide in the house. Some might think that peroxide is a waste. But as for me, it is a lifesaver. Peroxide is actually great for hygiene and beauty. I use it everyday with no problem at all. When I did more research on peroxide, I was so shocked to learn what else it was great for. Some will find it shocking that peroxide is not just for little wounds. Some will see that peroxide is a lot more helpful than harmful in everyday life. Come and learn about the joys of using peroxide for beauty and hygiene references.

The Teeth…
When it comes down to peroxide, I can always depend on it for the teeth. Every morning and night, I always use peroxide as a mouthwash before I start to brush my teeth. I would put just an eighth of a cup of peroxide in my mouth and gargle for a minute.

After spitting the peroxide out of my mouth after gargling it for a minute, I would then wash my mouth out with water. The peroxide has no problem killing the germs and bacteria that the toothpaste and toothbrush cannot get in my mouth. My breath is more refreshing. My teeth are more whiten. After using peroxide as a mouthwash, my teeth and mouth could not look and feel even better.

The Skin…
Peroxide has no problem being incredible for facial cleansing. When my acne was getting bad before I had my menstrual cycle, my mother suggest that I use peroxide for facial cleansing. At first, I thought it was weird. But later I thought to myself, that it could not hurt but to try something for once. I put a dab of peroxide on a washcloth. I rubbed the peroxide on the acne that appeared on my face. The next day, my acne was almost gone. My complexion was looking amazing! After trying peroxide as a facial cleanser, I was thrilled of the results of my face.

The Nails…
Besides hygiene, peroxide is really fabulous for the finger and toe nails. With the nails, the peroxide has no problem giving them that whiteness that they desire. Just soak the lovely finger and toe nails in a bowl of peroxide and they are good as gold. It really does not take a whole lot of peroxide to have the nails naturally whiten. By soaking the nails into some peroxide, the nails can look clean as snow. With peroxide, the finger and toe nails are white and healthy.

Peroxide is great for all things possible whenever it comes down to hygiene, beauty, and home cleaning. Trust me when I say that it can really work miracles. Peroxide is no longer good for emergencies. It is great all around life as well. After trying it on my teeth, skin, and nails, they are never the same. Others around me have noticed a big difference in my appearance. I have noticed a big difference in my appearance as well. After using peroxide for everyday use, I could not be even more happier.

Healthy and Full Mascara

When it comes down to mascara, I am complete sucker for it. Mascara is the greatest thing whenever it comes down to the eye lashes. What I just love about mascara that it can bring out the beauty of my big brown eyes. That is why I was so excited get this a brand new mascara in the mail. Juice Beauty really did a number on this makeup product. My eyes and eye lashes could not be even happier. This mascara is a total must have for everyone who wants them lashes to pop in such a lovely, full, and natural way. This mascara is the greatest thing I have ever tried!

All Natural…
When it comes down of having natural makeup products, it is the greatest! The skin is free from anything that is not good for it. When trying on Juice Beauty’s products, the eye lashes are free from any unnatural pigments. This mascara is all organic. Nothing beats having an organic product in makeup. This mascara does not have any carbon black in it. Instead, it leaves the eye lashes fresh and healthy. What everyone could just love about the mascara being organic is that the lashes are free from any chemicals that are bad for the eyes. The mascara is above sixty percent organic. It is animal cruel-free. With this mascara, the eye lashes being beautiful and healthy.

Nowhere Near Empty…
When it comes down to Juice Beauty, I can really depend on their mascara. Their mascara has no problem making my eye lashes full. By just one stroke, my eye lashes looks like they have lots of volume in them. My lashes are able to look more alive and beautiful once putting on this mascara. With the spiral wand of the mascara, the eye lashes can be covered with this makeup by any angle possible. The eye lashes are able to give the eyes more volume as well. With the eyes having a little more volume to them, others can see the true beauty of them.

No Mess…
When having the full eye lashes, Juice Beauty’s mascara leaves no mess. The eye lashes are free from any clumps. They are also free from any glue. The eye lashes can finally breathe. They can finally look more natural. The eye lashes do not look like they have too much mascara on them. They also do not look messy. With this mascara, my eye lashes can look full with volume with no mess!

After wearing Juice Beauty’s mascara for the first time, I am so happy! My eye lashes are free from clumps. They are free from any glue. It is not messy! With this mascara being so natural, my eyes can be natural too. What makes it better is that my eyes lashes could not look even better. Instead, they look glamorous and exciting. With this brand new makeup of mine, my eye lashes are finally getting treatment that they deserve and need. This mascara from Juice Beauty is the best!