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Food For The Skin


There are many food types that are just so perfect to eat in order to have than beautiful natural skin for the face. But, what about wearing food for the face for cleansing. That is right. There are lots of food groups out there that are just so perfect as facial cleansing. By using food as a cleanser, a person will have no problem having fun with cleansing the face. There are so many types of food to choose as a cleanser. However, there are three that are you so great and refreshing to use.
Plain flavored oatmeal is incredible to use on the face. The only thing a person has to do is to make the oatmeal regularly, wait until the oatmeal has cooled down a little, and rub the oatmeal on the face. Oatmeal contains a chemical called saponins. Saponins are used in shampoo and detergents. It can be found in vegetables, bean, and herbs. This chemical is also great for lowering cholesterol, and can prevent cancer and heart diseases. Saponins is great for sensitive clean. With it being in oatmeal, it has no problem moisturizing the skin. Just use plain warm oatmeal twice a week and the skin will be looking so sweet. Oatmeal is the best for the skin.

Besides giving the body potassium, this fruit is just incredible as a facial cleanser. Just mash a whole banana in a bowl, mix it with turmeric and honey, and smear it on the face. After smearing the smashed banana on the face, leave it on there for twenty minutes. After leaving the mushed banana on the face for twenty minutes, wash it off with cold washcloth. Not only are bananas are great for the skin, it is also great for the hair as well. The potassium in the bananas helps moisturize and hydrates skin. The vitamin A in the fruit helps get rid of dark spots and acne scars. The amino acid in the bananas strengthens the connective tissue of the face. It also helps to maintain strength muscles and elasticity of the face. Besides the banana itself, the inside of the banana peel is great of getting rid of acne as well. Other than being a delicious fruit, bananas will make the skin healthy and beautiful.

Bananas are not the only fruit that is great for the face. Ever tried pomegranate juice on facial skin? By putting pomegranate on the face for two minutes and a person can say bye-bye to them nasty blemishes! The vitamin C in the fruit helps get rid of the acne. Pomegranates are great for any type of skin. They can also protect that skin from the any sun damage while enjoying the nice hot sun. Pomegranates are also a remedy for ageing. It seems as though this fruit can do everything for skin and body.

Oatmeal, bananas, and pomegranates are just to name few that are great for the skin. Who says a person cannot play with his or her food? When it comes to having a beautiful natural healthy skin, playing with food is the way to be. Not only is healthy food great for health, it is also great for the skin as well.

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