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Oceans And Mermaids

The beautiful ocean.  It has that lovely color of blue and/ or clear that a person can just love.  To look into the wonders of what goes under the sea, is just amazing.  To see just one wave made in the ocean is just so soothing.  However, it is up for everyone to keep oceans keep at all times.  It is up to everyone to make that the beautiful water on all oceans not polluted.  Project Mermaid has no problem helping the oceans with a little bit of photography.  What others can love about Project Mermaid’s photography is the creativity, beauty, and mermaids.  While looking Project Mermaid’s photography, anyone can be persuaded into wanting to keep the oceans clean and pure.  It is time to love and safe the ocean.

Project Mermaid…

The creator of the Project Mermaid is the fabulous Angelina Venturella.  Venturella is a fashion and celebrity photographer in Los Angeles, California.  In 2012, she started Project Mermaid all because she loves photography and oceans.  What everyone can love about Project Mermaid is its purpose.  The purpose of Project Mermaid is to make everyone more alert on how important the ocean really is to the society.  By having models and celebrities pose so beautifully as mermaids, others can see how beautiful the ocean really is.  By seeing how beautiful the ocean really is, others can see on why oceans should be kept clean at all times. With beautiful models and celebrities posing as beautiful mermaids, everyone can see how important the ocean really is to life.

The Help…

By help funding the ocean, models and celebrities would pose as beautiful mermaids by working with The Mertailor Eric from Florida. The mermaid tails that are made for each model or celebrity to use in the photos are donated for them.  Fifty percent of the funding will go to Save Our Beach Foundation.  The costs of mermaid photo shoots are $750.  Despite that models and celebrities pose as mermaids for Project Mermaid, anyone is capable of joining in the fun as a mermaid.  Anyone can go on Project Mermaid’s website and donate to this beautiful cause.


Project Mermaid had been very popular since its debut in 2012.  Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and Just Jared have been exposing the foundation on the beautiful wonders that the company had been doing for the ocean.  Project Mermaid is no stranger to social media neither.  Over 291,000 followers on Instagram has been keeping up with the foundation.  Project Mermaid has been doing an amazing job reaching to others about ocean preservation.  While their popularity is getting bigger by the minute, Project Mermaid is not slowing down of the slightest bit of helping the ocean.

While celebrities such as Victoria Justice and Camilla Luddington have worked with Project Mermaid, this is just only the begging for the foundation.  The foundation has been very creative with its photography and mermaids.  With Project Mermaid, more people are knowing more about the fight of ocean preservation and joining in on the fight. If anyone want to donate to Project Mermaid, they visit their website at www.projectmermaids.com.  Together, everyone can save the ocean!

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