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Just Count On Peroxide

The joys of having peroxide in the house. Some might think that peroxide is a waste. But as for me, it is a lifesaver. Peroxide is actually great for hygiene and beauty. I use it everyday with no problem at all. When I did more research on peroxide, I was so shocked to learn what else it was great for. Some will find it shocking that peroxide is not just for little wounds. Some will see that peroxide is a lot more helpful than harmful in everyday life. Come and learn about the joys of using peroxide for beauty and hygiene references.

The Teeth…
When it comes down to peroxide, I can always depend on it for the teeth. Every morning and night, I always use peroxide as a mouthwash before I start to brush my teeth. I would put just an eighth of a cup of peroxide in my mouth and gargle for a minute.

After spitting the peroxide out of my mouth after gargling it for a minute, I would then wash my mouth out with water. The peroxide has no problem killing the germs and bacteria that the toothpaste and toothbrush cannot get in my mouth. My breath is more refreshing. My teeth are more whiten. After using peroxide as a mouthwash, my teeth and mouth could not look and feel even better.

The Skin…
Peroxide has no problem being incredible for facial cleansing. When my acne was getting bad before I had my menstrual cycle, my mother suggest that I use peroxide for facial cleansing. At first, I thought it was weird. But later I thought to myself, that it could not hurt but to try something for once. I put a dab of peroxide on a washcloth. I rubbed the peroxide on the acne that appeared on my face. The next day, my acne was almost gone. My complexion was looking amazing! After trying peroxide as a facial cleanser, I was thrilled of the results of my face.

The Nails…
Besides hygiene, peroxide is really fabulous for the finger and toe nails. With the nails, the peroxide has no problem giving them that whiteness that they desire. Just soak the lovely finger and toe nails in a bowl of peroxide and they are good as gold. It really does not take a whole lot of peroxide to have the nails naturally whiten. By soaking the nails into some peroxide, the nails can look clean as snow. With peroxide, the finger and toe nails are white and healthy.

Peroxide is great for all things possible whenever it comes down to hygiene, beauty, and home cleaning. Trust me when I say that it can really work miracles. Peroxide is no longer good for emergencies. It is great all around life as well. After trying it on my teeth, skin, and nails, they are never the same. Others around me have noticed a big difference in my appearance. I have noticed a big difference in my appearance as well. After using peroxide for everyday use, I could not be even more happier.

Trending Up The Nails

There is something about getting the nails done that drives a girl wild. Painting the nails is so rewarding! It takes away all the problems and stress life has to offer. Getting the nails is really fun! It is even more fun when trying out different nail trends. For this spring/summer season, there are different nail trends that so fabulous and glamorous to try on the nails. Out of all the nail trends there are to try out for the spring/summer, the are three that everyone can just fall over the hills for. The three nail trends will be the hottest thing there is for this spring/summer season!

Keep It Glossy…
This nail trend should not only be a trend, it should be a lifestyle. Whoever hates glossy nails must be on something very strong. Glossy nails are so glamorous. Once glossy nail polish are worn on the nails, it is so hard to stop touching them. It feels so good once rubbing glossy nails. The gloss texture is so smooth. What makes it better, is that it never looses its smooth texture. It will be smooth for a lifetime. What everyone can just love about glossy nails, is how shiny they are. No one can resist the beautiful shine of the gloss. The gloss’s shine is beautiful and yet a little bright. The shine makes the glossy irresistible. What everyone could love the shine of the gloss, is that it gives the color of the gloss a beautiful look to it. What everyone could just love about the gloss is that is looks so incredible in lighting. Once the lighting hit the gloss, the beauty of the nails shines like it is no tomorrow. The gloss can be the nails’ best friend when it comes down to beauty.

Soft & Feminine Pinks…
Soft colors are always the best whenever it comes down for the beautiful spring/summer season. They always blend with the beauty of the outdoors. The color that is best to go with when it comes down of having a soft color is the color pink. The color has that special beauty to it. By soften up the color, the color pink can have that rich pure style to it. The color pink can be easily played with once being a soft color. It can be used as a wedding color, dress, nice blouse, and nail color. It looks great on the nails because it give the nails that fresh outdoor feeling to it. The nails can look a little natural yet still sensational. Soft & feminine pinks are the way to go for the spring/summer season.

Polish Up The Cuticles…
Some ladies maybe skeptical about this trend. However, cuticles need some loving too! Taking care of the cuticles is just as important as taking care of the nails. Once the cuticles are happy, the nails can be happy as well. Sure, some might think this is a big fashion no-no. But, cuticles can easily be painted in a nice and beautiful way. By back those babies up and painting them, others can easily enjoy the true trend of nail beauty. The nails are enjoying the fresh coat of nail polish. Why not allow the cuticles enjoy it as well?

These three nail trends are only a few that can make this spring/summer so hot. With these three nail trends, the spring/summer can be more enjoying!

Pictures:  (top &middle) www.pinterest.com

(bottom) wwww.helensstyle.com