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Swim The Wear

The beautiful summer season is heading this way like it is no tomorrow! Everyone know what that means. It is pool time! It is time to go to the beach or pool to soak the body into some H2O. It is time to chill, relax, and pop up the sunglasses for the beautiful eyes. However, the summer is not perfect without the perfect bikini. But, a lady cannot rock just any plain bikini. A lady must have a bikini with a little bit of flavor in it. A bikini just do not need great designs on it. It needs a different type of style, spunk, and vibe! This summer is going to be sweet with a totally different swimwear with a little more attitude.

Full Piece Wrap…
The one piece swimwear is the piece that covers up everything. It is innocent, clean, and friendly. But, not anyone more with the help of a little wrap. The full piece wrap can be a hint of revealing. A lady can wrap the full piece as tight or as loose as she pleases. The trick about having a wrap with any attire, is that the wrap is much of a tease. This is the complete opposite of what a one piece swimwear would be. With the wrap, the one piece swimwear can break all the barrels that it supposed to be. It can show more of the body than just the legs. It can be more revealing on the body in a tasteful way. However, the swimwear is still innocent, clean, and friendly. But, in a little seductive way. The full piece wrap will be hot to wear for the summer.

Mini Tee…
There is something about a mini tee. To rock a lovely mini crop top with a bikini bottom is so relaxing and enjoyable. While rocking a mini tee, a lady can look so sexy and cute when relaxing at a beach. The lower part of body will be free and happy underneath the hot beautiful sun. The beautiful body will also feel so fresh once getting wet in the nice water of the beach or pool. Once getting the mini tee into some nice sand at the beach, a lady can feel so wonderful and relaxed. The mini tee is the best for the sun, water, and sand.

Crochet and denim are not swimwear material. But, both of these fabrics can still be fun to wear as a bikini. Crochet and denim are so fun to play with when it comes down of creating an attire. They are both fun to wear in any attire. Why not create these two in swimwear. The are both fun in the summer season. They are both water resistant. Why not have fun in these two fabric materials in the pool and beach? Crochet and denim are the favorite fabrics to wear all year long. Why not have fun with them in swimwear? These two fabric materials can be blast for some sun and sand.

These four types of swimwear are just to name some that a lady needs to wear for the summer. This summer needs to be fun and loving. Why not spend it in something hot, fresh, and sweet? Why not take a chance to change a swimwear into something so fabulous? The summer season will be nothing without a little bit of swimwear that has flavor to it.

Pictures:  www.Pinterest.com