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Stretch Marks The Beauty Of The Body

There are some things in the world where the media wants to photoshop with no problem.  Despite that some things are harmless and natural, the media finds it unattractive.  However, some fashion brands are taking a huge stand in the fashion world.  Some fashion brands are no longer covering up what God has given others.  Some fashion brands are saying no more body shaming.  While the media is in denial of what is actual beauty, more brands are giving others pride on their bodies.  It is time to love the body.
Stretch Marks…
Stretch marks is completely natural for any shape of the body.  Sure, they may look gross.  But, it is part of human life.  When others look at magazines or movies, they never see stretch marks on the model, actress, or actor.  Everyone can all thank air brush for that.  But recently, a founder of a brand new swimwear did not use air brush on the pictures of the models in her company.  Rheya Swim’s founder, Chloe Madison, allowed everyone to endure the stretch marks there is on each of her models wearing her new swim line.  Madison and a best friend of hers decided to be the models for her new swim line. When the photos of her new swim line were first made, they were air brushed.  When Chloe Madison had seen the pictures of herself and best friend, she realized that the pictures of the new swim line were unrealistic for a human being.  Chloe could not even recognize herself in the pictures.  It was at the point that Madison decided to have the pictures redone without any air brush.  After this, everyone had a natural body that they can love.  With Madison’s stretch mark showing decision, everyone can look at a more realistic body for the summer.

Just Flawless…

After seeing stretch marks in Rheya Swim’s new swim line pictures, others can feel more comfortable about the flawless body.  Seeing models with visible stretch marks are an eye opener for everyone to love the body for what it is.  Some are calling Rheya Swim’s swim line pictures more realistic.  Others are calling this wonderful.  This can be a breakthrough for everyone to stop depending on photoshop or air brush to define them as beautiful.  This can be a relief for everyone to not be so pressured into getting the perfect body the media sees as beautiful.  Everyone can finally see that true beauty awaits in the inside of the body and heart.

True Beauty…

By looking at a model that has visible stretch marks, others can feel that this model can relate to them.  Others can feel as though having a flawless body can be a flaw.  Others can have the confidence of their own imperfection body.  Others can slowing stop shaming something so little as in a few stretch marks on the body.  By having fashion brand owners like Chloe Madison to stand up to air brush, others can finally love their natural body with no problem.

With stretch marks finally being able to be loved, everyone can slowing love other parts of the body that is seen as a flaw.  It is been time for everyone to start loving the natural body and not photoshop.

Pictures:  www.rheyaswim.com