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Cosmolinx Presents: New Year, New Business

Cosmolinx Presents: New Year, New Business

Basics of Starting a Business

Let your inner entrepreneur thrive with this amazing course, all about starting a business! Don’t be deterred by legal jargon and seemingly endless paperwork; figure out the steps you need to take and learn how to get it done with ease from a #GirlBoss and business maven Alease Jones! Start the next chapter of your career today!


Cosmolinx Presents Posing 101

Cosmolinx Presents Posing 101

Do you want to be a published model in a magazine?! In this Posing 101 workshop model coach Candice The Model will be teaching key skills of body posture, spacing, poise and so much more to accomplish the perfect poses in your photos. Join us for this 2- hour crash course to learn everything that you need to know to jump right in front of the camera and receive on sit critiques and photos from the practice shoot.

Cosmolinx Presents Runway 101

Models join us as we host Runway 101. The ulimate guide to perfecting your runway walk! Model Coach and published model Candice Rushing, better known as Candice The Model will be our coach for the workshop! During the workshop you will learn key skills in body posture, speed, confidence and so much more! You do not have to be an expierenced model to join us, all models are welcome! CTM has worked with many models in industry, training them and watching them go on to book shows! For only $5 you can be ready to work the runway for your next gig! Work now and get booked later! 

Models please be sure to wear all black form fitting clothing, hair pulled out of face, and don’t forget your heels! The workshop will be held Saturday, March 4th 12:00PM – 2:00PM at 2424 North Davidson St. 


Cosmolinx Presents: How to Talk The Talk: Hosting, Podcasts, & Youtube

How to Talk the Talk: Hosting, Podcasts & Youtube

Cosmolinx Presents How To Talk The Talk: Hosting, Podcasts & Youtube
Have you ever thought about turning your awesome social skills into a business? This Session expert interviewer Johnerio”O Scott will teach attendees about varying speaking styles, settings, and how these factors affect the public speaking process. This 2-hour crash course has everything you need to get off your feet and in front of an audience!
Johneri’O Scott sstarted Let’s Talk, where he discusses major issues in America dealing with such topics as culture and awareness. Videos and blogs from Let’s Talk are planned to leave his audience educated and motivated to take on their life journeys with pure mastery and success! ​ Johneri’O is a graduate of Francis Marion University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications, where he also minored in Creative Writing. During his time of pursuing his undergradute degree he interned at a local radio station, became a News Correspondent for his local newspaper covering sports and local news. After completing his undergraduate degree he met his mentor, Katrina Garnes (founder of What’s going On Webshow and Blog) and began collaborating with her as a blogger, writer and production assistant. ​ Johneri’O has interviewed a vast of playwrights, authors, motivated speakers, reality stars, designers, fashion stylist, entreprenuers, and community leaders. ​ At this time he is working on his Master of Arts degree in New Media Journalism, and expanding his brand. Recently relocating to Charlotte, NC, Johneri’O plans to grow with the chance of opportunity. ​ This is only the beginning, the struggle doesn’t last always! Stay focus and you can achieve your mastery as well!
Topic: How to Talk the Talk: Hosting, Podcasts & Youtube
Cosmolinx is a community organization. We host monthly educational events that help further creatives within the fashion industry. These monthly Sessions consist of conferences, workshops, seminars, and fashion shows. Each Session fetures a course with experts from the fashion, beauty, business and tech industries, as well as an opportunity to network with the speaker and other attendees afterwards. Every month there is a new topic to learn, so we hope to see you there monthly! WHO IS IT FOR?
Anyone interested in learning more about the fashion, beauty and tech industries from top tastemakers in those fields. Past hosts include Candice The Model, and Alease Michelle Jones, just to name a few.
We like to keep things intimate with each Session, capping things off at around 20 people so everyone is able to learn and network.